Database Maintenance


We architect, configure and manage data effectively.


In today’s data centric world every organization should store, segregate, analyze and manage data well so that these data can be used as and when needed to propel growth of the company. Data pours into an industry from various areas such as emails, messages, internet, website and other areas. These data are humongous and should be mandatorily stored and managed effectively. These data are generally managed by professionals who are good at managing data using formats like SQL, MYSQL, Oracle, etc. At BIZWERKZ we have DBAs who are proficient in such formats.


We provide the following maintenance services:

• Database storing.
• Database monitoring.
• Change management.
• Database performance management and tuning.
• Backup services.
• Up gradation.
• Database security management.
• Database security audits.
• Dashboards for database analysis.

Why should you choose BIZWERKZ for database maintenance services?

• Experts in providing database services over many years.
• Proficient database administrators who are experts in technologies like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and DB2.
• Database processes are based on Lean Six Sigma.
• High clientage.

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