ERP and CRM services to reach unique business goals and gain competitive advantage over peers.

BIZWERKZ delivers ERP and CRM solutions that enables you to aim for higher ROI. In this world of software technology every enterprise should use software to lessen the work burden and simplify processes so that they can concentrate on achieving their business goals. Our ERP and CRM solutions help you to gain competitive advantage over others. We offer services like implementation, training, technical support and consulting. With our support you can concentrate on performance, production and profit of the enterprise.

We offer the following ERP and CRM services:

Support services: Our experts offer complete support along with ERP and CRM software implementation. They understand the issues and try to solve them as quickly as possible. We are available 24/7. You can contact us via email, phone, chat and fax.

ERP implementation: We systematically lay an implementation plan. Keeping your industry challenges in mind we lay down a strategy, get you ready for the software usage, train you if necessary and support you completely in the entire implementation process.

CRM implementation process: We customize data, migrate them efficiently, train you on workflows, reports and data management, and support you in analyzing data so as to improve marketing efforts, total project management and also offer consulting solutions.

Consulting service: Through implementation support, training programs and continuous improvement procedures you can achieve your goals easily. We offer consulting services that are knowledge and skill based.

Examples of projects we are working with in the ERP and CRM area;

Training services: We offer interactive web based workshops, webinars, videos, group meetings, training classes, online classes and resources to make you expert in using the software effectively.

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